Audio CD: Spock's Beard (2005) Octane (IOMCD 198)

Audio CD: Spock's Beard (2005) OctaneAudio CD: Spock's Beard (2005) Octane
Жанр / Стиль: Prog Rock
Лейбл: Inside Out Music
Номер по каталогу: IOMCD 198
Страна производитель: Россия
Год издания релиза: 2005
Состояние обложки: M
Состояние диска: NM
Количество CD: 1

1 The Ballet Of The Impact: (I) Prelude To The Past. (II) The Ultimate Quiet. (III) A Blizzard Of My Memories. 5:34
2 I Wouldn't Let It Go 4:53
3 Surfing Down The Avalanche 3:43
4 She Is Everything: (I) Strange What You Remember. (II) Words Of Forever. 6:46
5 Climbing Up That Hill 3:31
6 Letting Go 1:52
7 Of The Beauty Of It All: (I) If I Could Paint A Picture. (II) Into The Great Unknowable. 4:53
8 NWC 4:16
9 There Was A Time 4:58
10 The Planet's Hum 4:42
11 Watching The Tide 5:07
12 As Long As We Ride 5:35

16 page booklet

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2003Feel Euphoria
200 a


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